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Farrah Abraham Clashes With Maci Bookout in Tense Face Off on Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham Clashes With Maci Bookout in Tense Face-Off on , Teen Mom OG - Up until now   Maci Bookout has had the comfort of being several states away from Farrah Abraham at all times -  But on the Monday   May 11 episode of Teen Mom OG   all four ladies were forced together for a New York City press tour - Naturally   the MTV crews decided to spring the footage of Maci reacting to Farrah’s return on the former porn princess while she’s promoting the series alongside her redheaded enemy -  Spoiler alert: Things didn’t go well -  “I don’t judge Farrah or dislike her   but Bentley’s in kindergarten -  So kids already ask him about being on TV -  And now it’s like ‘Oh   is your mom the one who did a sex tape? Is your mom the one who did a porn?’” Maci explained to costars Amber Portwood   Catelynn Lowell   and Tyler Baltierra - The group was especially peeved that Vivid Entertainment included “Teen Mom” in the name of Farrah’s adult film   Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom   directly linking them to the raunchy video - “There’s no shame in porn  ” Tyler added -  “If you want to go do porn   do porn -  But we’re attached to it -  At what price are you going to sell your dignity   man? I tell ya   it’d better be a high one - ” Though the show normally splits its stars’ stories to feature all four girls   this week the focus was all about the feud between Maci and Farrah -  The tension built once Farrah was shown Maci’s clips and declaration that she was quitting the show - “Hey Maci   why are you here?” a pissed-off Farrah shouted -  “I think you should not be here because you don’t want to be here -  Bye-bye! My life’s not about porn -  I have a child too   I see her every day   and it doesn’t affect her -  If it was about Bentley   that would be something else -  Bentley doesn’t even know my name - ” . Farrah Abraham Clashes ...

Nepal earthquake Dozens die in new tremor near Everest

Nepal earthquake Dozens die in new tremor near Everest , BBC News Media caption The latest earthquake in Nepal triggered a landslide in Dhunche near the country's border with At least 68 dead after another major earthquake centered in Nepal CNN Nepal Rattled by Powerful New Earthquake East of Capital New York Times More news for Nepal earthquake Nepal earthquake Dozens die in new tremor near BBCwww bbc co uk world asia 3270138 British Broadcasting Corporation A major earthquake has struck eastern Nepal near Mount Everest two weeks after more than 8 000 people died in a devastating quake At least 48 people have Nepal earthquake US helicopter reported missing as dozens www theguardian com World Nepal earthquake 2015. Nepal earthquake Dozens die in new tremor near Everest ... 

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